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BH Cosmetics Signature Rose Gold Brush Set Review

BH Cosmetics is a mid range cosmetics brand who not only sell makeup, but brushes!! Brushes which I use in both my professional and personal makeup kits. I first picked up a set of their brushes at my local TK Maxx, and have now purchased three sets! Personally the quality for the price is amazing, which is great for an artist like me who requires lots of brushes!

After re-organising my kit and deciding I needed some new brushes, I bought this Rose Gold set from Beauty Bay. The pack only cost me £25 and contains 13 brushes (which I thought was a decent price for this amount of brushes) with varying sizes, a perfect all rounder for a full face.

My first impressions of the brushes are that they feel great in quality. The bristles (which are synthetic) feel so soft! And the overall quality of the handles and ‘rose gold’ ferrule are pretty good.

The next step of this review was to put these brushes into action by doing a full face using every brush where possible.

First brush up is the number 3 brush, a dense flat topped brush perfect for buffing in foundation. I used this paired with Laura Mercier Flawless Lumiere, which honestly gave me such a gorgeous base, the finish was lovely and radiant, using this brush gave me the full potential of coverage this foundation has to offer. What I also liked about this brush is that it didn’t absorb any of the product (which might be down to it being made of synthetic bristles).

The next brush I took to the test was the number 8, this is a very small dense brush, which could be used for packing powders or shadows, I used this to apply my under eye setting powder, which I did find really effective at getting right under my lower lashes to fully set my concealer.

For contouring I was really stuck between two brushes to use, both are similar in size, one just being a more flat topped fluffy brush and the other a tapered fluffy brush! I ended up going for the tapered one (brush number 1) to get right in under my cheekbones, but I feel like the brush set would have been better if these two brushes weren’t so similar.

I then decided to used the other big fluffy brush (brush number 2) to apply my blusher, this was really nice at getting a beautiful blend and would also be great for those who apply setting powder with a brush!

Brush number 4 in the set I was really excited about using, as it reminded me so much of the Morphe highlighter brushes. This brush is so lovely and soft and really did make my highlighter look so bright when applied, I was definitely impressed by this one!

To fill in my brows, I used brushes 11 and 13, a small flat angle brush, and a spooly. I already have a few angled brushes from BH Cosmetics in my kit, and they keep their shape so well, so this angled brush definitely didn’t disappoint, and for the spooly, they’re always great to have to brush through brows!

Next up I was ready to try out the eye brushes, as I can never get enough blending brushes, I used brush numbers 5, 6, 9, 10 and 12! Honestly I have no faults for these brushes, they’re so soft and easy to use! I also really rated the fine eye liner brush, as it was slightly angled which made my gel liner so easy to apply!

The final brush in this set is a flat tapered brush, which could be used for applying concealer or even pigment to the eye. I ended up using this brush to apply balm over the top of my lipliner, this actually worked really well!

Overall BH Cosmetics brushes are amazing quality for the price, and this set in particular is great if you’re starting out in makeup, or if you just need some new brushes to add to your collection, there’s a great range in this set for both!

What makeup brushes do you use? Are you also a fan of BH Cosmetics?

Full face look using BH Cosmetics Signature Rose Gold brush set

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