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Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder – Matte vs Glow

The Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder is an iconic makeup product loved by so many. The product is even a winner of major awards and has been voted the number 1 setting powder.

The powder is finely milled and is soft and silky in texture, it also comes in two translucent shades, making it great for a large variety of skin tones. The original formulation gives a soft matte finish, without looking powdery, and is perfect for all skin types, especially those which are oily. I myself suffer from dry and dehydrated skin, and this setting powder is the only one I’ve found to not grab to dry patches or give me flashback!

Laura Mercier recommend applying the powder with their Velour Powder puff, with the micro-dosing technique, which means working the powder into the puff first, to ensure not too much is being used.

Translucent Loose Setting Powder comes in at £29 and the velour puff is priced at £13.50 here in the UK. This puts the product in at a mid range in terms of cost.

Approximately 6 months ago, Laura Mercier released a second formula of their loose setting powder, but instead of matte, it was all about the glow! This powder also comes in translucent and translucent medium deep, and is still a very soft, silky powder. The glow this powder gives comes from Laura Mercier’s custom pearl blend, which creates a gorgeous radiant finish to the skin.

The Translucent Glow powder also comes in at £29 and was released with its very own brush, the Glow Powder Brush, which retails at £29 as well. The brush has a very unique shape, it’s angled, but has this step shape taken out, in order to hug the contours of the face. In my opinion, the brush is a really lovely companion to the powder, and addition to Laura Mercier’s brush range, but I think its not an essential to have in your makeup bag, as a typical angled cheek brush would give you the same effect.

I decided to swatch the two powders on the back of my hand to show you the difference. As you can see below, the original formula is cream in colour, and immediately gives a soft matte finish. Whereas, the Glow formula is slightly more of a golden champagne colour, and you can see the pearly pigment which gives you that radiance.

Original formula on the left. Glow formula on the right.

To test and compare these two powders even more, I put them into action while doing a full face look for my instagram.

I already use the original formula in my every day routine, but this time instead of applying the powder all over to set my makeup, I kept it just to the centre of my forehead, nose, upper lip, chin and below my cheekbones.

I then went in with the Glow formula on the Glow powder brush (I made sure to tap off any excess powder). I set my temples and cheekbones with this powder, almost moving the brush in a figure of 3 on the sides of my face. I even took the little amount left on my brush along my jaw, to pop a bit of the product on my chin and tip of my nose, like I would with my highlight.

The finished makeup with both powders.

Overall, I really liked how these powders performed together. The Glow Powder made my skin look really fresh and healthy without it looking glittery. I did however go in and add a tad more highlighter on my cheekbones and brow bones, as I love making those areas pop, and I felt the radiance from the Glow powder was just a tad too subtle there.

Final thoughts: I personally feel that the original formula is a lot more versatile, as you can set your entire face with it, whereas I feel that with the glow formula, it wouldn’t work to set around the nose and on the cheeks. However I think if you like a subtle highlight and nothing too blinding, or if you already have the original formula to set your t-zone, this powder would be a great addition to your makeup bag.

Let me know if you use the Translucent Loose Setting Powder Glow, and what your thoughts are on it.

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