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MY KIT CO. softies set review

Last week I received my first ever order from My Kit Co. the makeup brush, bag and accessories company designed for makeup lovers by a makeup artist!

The brand is well known and loved by many makeup artists across the country, and I’ve seen their products in plenty of kits belonging to artists that I have worked with.

I decided it was finally time to order myself some storage bags from their website, and I came across their new collection called ‘Softies’. I picked up the multipack set which includes three different sizes for £25.

Upon arrival, my order came in a secure padded envelope, which I thought was great as there was no unnecessary packaging or waste. The softies came zipped up and folded down, which already shows how brilliantly flexible and compact these bags can be.

Another thing I noticed straight away was the quality of the bags, They are made a thin and flexible easy wipe material with a mesh lid that zips up with two zipper, meaning you can fit as many palettes, brushes, bottles, tubes as you like in it.

The first Softie I started to fill up was the large one, I thought this would be great for storing all my palettes, and I was curious to see if it would fit my larger Beauty Bay and Morphe palettes (it did!!).

I really like how these cases are so flexible that my palettes didn’t need to lay completely flat, as it was easy to zip up if one stuck out slightly! I also love the mesh lid, meaning I can easily see what’s in which case!

The medium sized bag, I used to store my foundations, which is such a good size, as I still have so much space for more foundations to go in there when my kit expands! I really like that because the bag isn’t solid, it means this can compact to a smaller size when I pack it into my makeup case because it’s not completely full!

The smallest case is only slightly smaller than the medium size, and I actually really like this as I still have plenty of space for more products. The three of them when stacked up, don’t sit too high when I put them in my carry case, which is perfect as they don’t take up too much space!

The Softies even come with a little label slot on the back, so if you have lots of different bags you can easily label them without ruining them!

Overall I think these bags are amazing quality for the price, 3 reasonably sized storage bags for £25 is such a bargain! Especially when they’re made from a material which can easily be cleaned and wont get stained with makeup! I’m definitely going to get my hands on some more My Kit Co. items in the future!

Professionally trained Makeup and Hair artist and Nail technician with a love for all things beauty and makeup.

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