I got a Zuca!

For most of my career in makeup I’ve worked with dozens of artists who use Zuca cases to carry and organise their kit, and I’ve always wanted one! They are on the pricier side for a case, with the PRO Artist version coming in at £299, so are definitely an investment!

I was lucky enough to receive a PRO Artist Zuca for my 21st birthday last weekend. I was so shocked and thankful, I think my family must have known I was in need of a new case for my makeup, as my current one was falling apart a bit!

The thing I love most about the Pro Artist Zuca which I got, is that it comes with 5 utility pouches. These are really handy as I can organise and label my kit accordingly, and they all fit perfectly inside my Zuca. I also love that the Zuca is so sturdy, the frame is Aluminium alloy which is incredibly sturdy and strong, the top doubles as a seat and can hold up to 300lbs. This feature is super for makeup artists who are on the go and have to do makeups in awkward places! It’s great as I can get models to sit down on the Zuca, or if I’m on a packed train home I can give my feet a rest!

Having a Zuca has made me want to compact my kit, I have so many palettes and foundations and other bits of makeup, that the size of the Zuca makes me want to have just essentials!

I’ve really been loving the Zuca, its such a good size, and even fit the size of airplane carry on luggage! The movement of the case is really great too, the wheels are so sturdy and are also pretty quiet, which makes travelling with it really smooth.

My family ordered my Zuca through a company called Walther & Huss Innovations Management, a reseller which came from Germany, meaning it was easier to get to the UK than if it were to come from Zuca in America. The shipping was also extremely quick according to my mum!

Overall I’m so happy and grateful I received a Zuca for my birthday, I know its going to do me well over the next few years! I can immediately see the quality of these cases, and I can’t wait to take this on a job with me!

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