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I Finally bought a ‘Big Brush Buddy’!

MY KIT CO. Big Brush Buddy review

After I got my new Zuca Case for my birthday and had to reorganise how I store and travel with my kit, I was struggling to find a good way to store my brushes and how to fit them in my new Zuca!

At the time I had all of my brushes in a brush holder pot and a brush roll, but I found these didn’t fit in my Zuca along with all my other kit. I then tried to store my brushes in one of my Softies by MY KIT CO. which did actually fit into my Zuca, but I was concerned my brushes may get damaged.

I already knew that MY KIT CO. have a range of different products for storing brushes, but I actually came across the Big Brush Buddy while scrolling through instagram! I saw a post from MY KIT CO.’s official instagram account saying they had restocked the Big Brush Buddy! I went straight to their feed to see more pictures and videos of the Big Brush Buddy and I thought it looks so good as was the perfect solution to my brush storage problem! After scrolling through their feed and checking out reviews, I went over to their website where I added the Big Brush Buddy to my basket and confirmed my order. I couldn’t wait to give my brushes a new home!

The delivery was so speedy, it took around two days for my parcel to come. The packaging itself for delivery was secure and protective but minimal, it came in a white padded envelope with the MY KIT CO. logo on the back. The Big Brush Buddy itself came flat packed, the bag portion was folded down, and the plastic insert was wrapped in secure plastic to hold them together, ready for me to assemble.

Once I’d put the bag together, I got all my brushes ready and I organised them into sections based on the type of brush. So I kept eye brushes together, small detail brushes together, foundation brushes together, and finally powder brushes together. I also kept one section of the insert empty, so that I could put any dirty brushes there to keep them apart from the clean ones.

The Big Brush Buddy itself sits perfectly on top of my Zuca, which makes me so happy, as this was exactly what I needed for easy kit storage! It also has an adjustable strap which is so useful for carrying it when I’m on a job!

Another thing that’s great on the bag, is an elastic strap/band across the back of the back, which means it slides down the handle of my Zuca (or any case!) and keeps it in place to stop it falling off when I’m wheeling around!

The ‘lid’ to the Big Brush Buddy is also a feature which I love! The PVC cover has a zip on either side to secure it close, but with a Velcro bar at the bottom, its also super easy to lift back and tuck into the strap on the back of the bag! The fact its a clear PVC is so good for being able to see my brushes to make sure I’ve got all the ones I need with me!

I’m so so happy with my purchase from MY KIT CO. I couldn’t be more impressed with the quality and innovative designs of their products! I’ve taken my Big Brush Buddy on a couple of jobs now and its fantastic, its made my job a lot easier and I’ve got so much more space in my Zuca now that my brushes have their little home on top!

I would 100% recommend MY KIT CO. for their storage options, the customer service, delivery and product quality is honestly so so good!

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